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The Epping Golf Course was built as a revival of the original Epping Golf Club which was patriotically ploughed up at the onset of WWII
and who’s President and Vice President were none other than Brig. Gen. Sir Richard Beale Colvin, Lord Luitenant of Essex and the Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Churchill.


It is a labour of love and an expression of the dreams, dedication and hard work of brothers Neil and Peter Sjoberg and their families who built, own and still run the course today. The venture emerged gradually with the first 9-holes opening in 1995. Work was still taking place on the remainder
of the course and an honesty box at the back of Neil’s old spitfire acted as a makeshift clubhouse.


Over the years and with the help of many volunteers, over 17,000 trees have been planted and 10 new water features installed. Today, the course which never closes, is renowned for the quality of its greens, the warm reception received by all, and its fusion of tradition with a more modern and continental approach to golf . We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

About Us

The Epping Golf course, Fluxs Lane, Epping, Essex, CM16 7NJ, 01992 572282, info@eppinggolfcourse.org.uk

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